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Apprenticeships at Scunthorpe

Apprenticeships at Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe is home to our Long Products UK Hub.  Here we are able to roll rail track up to 120 metres long, a first for the UK, and of significant interest to rail customers as they endeavour to improve safety along their networks.

Steel made in Scunthorpe has been used in a wide range of applications from the construction of the Petronas Towers in Malaysia and the T'sing Ma bridge in Hong Kong to simple every day objects such as paperclips and light bulbs.

Closer to home, it has been used in applications such as the new Wembley stadium, the Humber Bridge and Heathrow Terminal 5.

Apprentice :

Apprentice : Apprentice

Our Apprentice Programmes are ideal for those looking at opportunities to continue learning in a practical environment post GCSE.  

Trainee Engineer :

Trainee Engineer : Trainee Engineer

Our Trainee Engineer Programme is for students who are taking, or have completed their A Levels, and would like to gain an engineering degree without the debt associated with a university education.


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