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Hille & Müller GmbH Service Center Wallau, Germany

Hille & Müller GmbH Service Center Wallau, Germany

Our service centre does far more than just supply steel.

Dedicated teams will work with you to help:

  • reduce your costs
  • reduce waste
  • ensure the best possible product performance
  • meet your specific needs

The Wallau Service Centre cuts, prepares and delivers these materials:

These steel strip products - supplied from Tata Steel Plating manufacturing plants - offer the benefit of a fully integrated supply chain. They can be ordered in the following dimensions:

  • gauges from 0.10 - 2.0 mm
  • widths from 2.9 - 580 mm
  • inside coil diameters from 100-500 mm
  • coil weights of up to 1000 kg

Our service can help you to optimise your material input. We offer:

  • a warehouse facility to help you when short lead times are essential
  • just-in-time delivery to keep your inventory down.

We also offer a slitting service for your materials.

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