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Organisation & management

Organisation & management

Tata Steel in Europe is part of the Tata Steel Group.

The Tata Steel Group has operations in India (Tata Steel Limited), South East Asia (Tata Steel Thailand and NatSteel) and Europe (Tata Steel in Europe). 

Operational responsibility for the Indian and South East Asian operations falls to Mr T V Narendran, Managing Director of Tata Steel Limited, while Dr Karl Köhler, Managing Director and CEO of Tata Steel in Europe, manages the European operations.

The Executive Committee for Tata Steel in Europe is chaired by Dr Karl Köhler.    


Executive committee :

Executive committee : Executive committee

The day-to-day management of Tata Steel in Europe is conducted through the Executive Committee, senior decision making body sets the strategic priorities

Board :

Board : Board

The Board carries out oversight functions, strategic priorities and comprises of six non-executive and two executive directors


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