Strip Products

Tata Steel supplies hot rolled, cold rolled, metallic coated and direct rolled strip steels to many end markets. Tata Steel also supplies profilers, specialised tube manufacturers, steel service centres and re-rollers.

Tata Steel’s strip product range includes a growing portfolio of advanced products including our reliable and market-proven family of high-strength steels - Ympress®. We are continuously improving gauge control, coil weight flexibility and lead times to achieve and maintain the highest quality standards in the industry. We work closely with our partners, combining dedicated customer service with world-class research facilities to develop and deliver high-quality steel products that add value to your business.  Our products are used in a variety of applications from cranes to domestic appliances, automotive components, radiators, drums and agricultural equipment.

Tata Steel IJmuiden BV General Conditions of Sale

Standard conditions of sale for deliveries within the European continent on all orders accepted by Tata Steel IJmuiden BV under Dutch law.

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