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  • Tata Steel receives Quality Award from Toyota Motor Europe

    10 May 2016 | Trade News

    Toyota Motor Europe has recognised Tata Steel’s product quality improvements with a prestigious award. Tata Steel is the first steel company to win Toyota’s Quality Award. The award signifies another important step in building a long-term partnership with the automotive giant.

    Tata Steel was the only steel producer to receive an award at the TME Annual Business Meeting on 17 March this year. In addition to winning the Quality Award, Tata Steel was also the first supplier to achieve a rating of ‘no quality concern’ for the fourth consecutive year.

    Hendrik Jan Muntendam, Commercial Manager, and Govert Kockelkoren, Director Manufacturing Rolling & Coating, proudly accepted the award during the meeting in Brussels.

    Govert said: “We only had one goal in mind, and that was being the best supplier for unexposed and exposed material. Toyota recognised our efforts and rewarded us with this Quality Award.”

    Hendrik Jan added: “It fills me with great pride to receive this award, especially because Toyota is known around the world for its extremely high requirements for supplied material.”

    Tata Steel acknowledged the important role that TME had played in its journey to quality improvement. Laurent Gavard, Senior Support Engineer at Tata Steel, said: “Toyota is an important business partner for us but also a source of inspiration. The people at Toyota have consistently approached us with the intention to share their way of working.”

    For the Quality Award, TME rates supplier service performance on quality assurance, product quality, problem solving and communications & attitude. Tata Steel, which provides an increasing variety of steel grades for TME, commenced its quality improvement journey by focusing on problem solving. In 2014 it received a certificate of recognition for its important contribution to quality. In the run-up to this year’s Quality Award, Tata Steel achieved good scores on quality assurance and communications & attitude.

    Commenting on the Quality Award, Marcel Wilcke, Tata Steel’s Customer Technical Services Manager Automotive, said: "The best proof of our continuous improvement is when it is acknowledged by our customers. I am proud that the quality focus in Tata Steel is so strong. I also really appreciate Toyota’s dedication and direction over the years.

    “Working in partnership enables us to fully support our customers in achieving their goals. By embracing our customers’ outlook and expectations, we push the boundaries. For us, this Quality Award is not about what we have achieved in the past, but a starting point for our shared future with Toyota.”

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