Electrical steel

Electrical steels play a vital role in the generation, transmission, distribution and use of electrical power and are one of the most important magnetic materials produced today.

Cogent is the business within Tata Steel focused on the manufacture and processing of electrical steels. We are dedicated to making customers successful in their markets, and growing together for the future. This is achieved by putting our customers first in everything we do and through an in depth understanding of our customers business.

We work in conjunction with our downstream business, CPI in Canada, as well as other partners to deliver supply chain benefits of processed electrical steel supplied locally and fully supported by the manufacturing mill. Cogent understands how much flexibility and speed contribute to success in today’s marketplace.

Our responsive approach to all our customers enables them to act quickly to win business, whilst keeping stocks low and subsequently operate as efficiently as possible.

Grain-oriented electrical steel

Cogent Power's Unisil® product range enables our customers to use electrical steels with the best magnetic properties, confident in the knowledge that the materials are supported by reliable delivery and strong technical support.

Grain Oriented electrical steel is an essential material in the manufacture of energy-efficient transformers and large, high-performance generators. Its unrivalled magnetic properties are a result of its unique grain structure, which is formed through a complex production process starting from a unique high-silicon hot-rolled coil feedstock.

Non-oriented electrical steel

Cogent Power non-oriented fully processed electrical steels enable our customers to use electrical steels with the best magnetic properties and coatings, confident in the knowledge that the materials are supported by reliable delivery and strong technical support.

Non-oriented electrical steels between 0.35 mm and 1.00 mm thick are critical in the manufacturing of rotating machines of all sizes, as well as in small transformers and a variety of other electromagnetic applications. Their magnetic properties are combined with tailored insulation coatings which offer the best performance required for the manufacturing process and final application.

The product range also includes the thin gauge grades, between 0.1 and 0.35mm, which offer the superior performance required for high frequency applications, and HP-grades for applications where improved permeability is of importance. Another recent addition to our product portfolio are our grades with guaranteed mechanical strength.

New coatings combine performance with the environment

At Cogent we believe that a save & environmental conscious company is a successful company.  We ensure that our materials are produced in a safe and environmentally friendly environment and this duty of care is carried forward into application.

Our Formalhyde free and organic coating, Suralac 7000FF ensures a clean working environment in application, free from potentially hazardous fumes.

Our new bonded coating, Suralac 9000 is now available for our thin gauge products. This coating may be heated to enable lamination stacks to bond together. This type of bonding delivers improved noise performance for large volume production of thin materials, and is compatible with other traditional insulation coatings.

For further information please visit our dedicated website www.cogent-power.com.

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