Packaging steels

Tata Steel is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of high quality packaging steels. We focus on innovative new materials, applications and processing technologies, working closely with our business partners to increase value all along the supply chain.

Steel is available in a wide range of surface finishes as a result of metal coatings or polymer coatings. Thus making it not only excellent choice for all kinds of packaging for food, drinks and aerosols, but also for promotional and speciality packaging where a superior level of decoration is required.


Electrolytic Tinplate (ET) is a low carbon steel coated on both sides with tin using electro deposition. Tinplate can be used for all kind of cans, including Drawn and Wall Ironed (DWI) and Draw Redraw (DRD) cans, and is suitable for all market segments.

Tin Free Steel

Tin Free Steel (TFS) is also called ECCS (Electrolytic Chromium / Chromium Oxide Coated Steel). Tin Free Steel is used for the production of Draw Redraw two-piece cans, seamed cans and many components that do not have to be welded, such as ends, lids, crown corks, twist-off caps and aerosol bottoms and tops.

Full hard and black plate

Full hard steel and black plate are non-coated semi-finished products. Black plate is annealed and full hard steel unannealed. They are suitable for a range of packaging and non-packaging applications such as battery cases and oil filters.

Protact® polymer-coated steel

Protact® is a chromium or tin based steel with a polymer coating that combines the best characteristics of steel and plastic for packaging purposes. This safe, versatile and attractive packaging material is already used in a range of cans, domes, cones, easy-open ends and rings for peelable ends. From beverage to fish, from shaving mousse to paint. It is also suitable for non-packaging applications.

Special grades and finishes

Tata Steel is a leading supplier of special grades and finishes for various packaging requirements. These include a range of high strength steels developed specifically for easy-open end applications, Super Bright - the special mirror-like finish for promotional packaging and soft temper grades for drinks cans which have been designed to ensure homogeneity in chemistry and cleanliness throughout the process route.


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