Wire rod

Our high performance wire rod products meet the strict demands of a huge range of applications, including fasteners, automotive springs and tyre cord.

We offer a flexible, responsive service, with dedicated technical and customer support teams, to help you respond swiftly to evolving markets

Unrivalled service offering

We’re one of the largest steel producers in Europe. It’s not only our size that sets us apart. It’s our approach too, based on collaborative, flexible and responsive relationships.

Specialist technical support, flexible stock solutions and dedicated R&D expertise are all part of our unique package.

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Meeting your needs

We offer a wide range of premium rod products and services to customers in the wire industry. We combine our wire rod material expertise with application knowledge - ensuring we always deliver the right quality steel to meet your needs. To support ongoing development of high-quality products, we continue to invest in processes and people at our world-class steelmaking and rod manufacturing facilities at Scunthorpe in the UK.

Product range

We produce a range of wire rod products for market sectors including:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Consumer goods

We are constantly expanding our range of sizes and chemistries to meet demands for enhanced and reliable end-product performance. For the automotive industry, we offer high-strength tyre reinforcement cord to deliver weight savings. For the oil and gas industry, our product range includes wire ropes developed to withstand harsh environments.

We understand that consistent wire rod quality is vital in ensuring that:

  • your processes operate efficiently
  • you can produce the high-performance products your markets demand

We work closely with you to understand your requirements – allowing us to deliver the optimum product to meet your needs.

Quality assurance

The quality of our wire rod products is assured by comprehensive testing procedures. Rigorous tests are conducted in well-equipped laboratories to verify stringent criteria for segregation, steel cleanness, scale, surface quality, decarburisation, chemical composition, size, shape and tensile strength properties. 

Our products meet the required standards for the most arduous and safety-critical applications. Tata Steel is accredited to both ISO9001:2008 for our quality management system and ISO14001:2004 for our environmental management system.


Dimensional capability



Rod diameter

5.5 - 16.0mm in 0.5mm increments

Coil weight

1800 - 2200kg

Coil length

1350 - 1700mm

Coil dimensions

Outside diameter 1250mm max
Inside diameter 850mm min

Please consult us if you have any other specific requirements.



Stock solutions

We deliver precisely the steel you need – just when you need it. This means we can make a real difference to your production efficiency and throughput. We can save you both time and money, thanks to our short-cycle rolling programmes and flexible stock solutions which offer:

  • excellent responsiveness
  • short lead-times
  • a reduction in your stock levels

You can view our rolling programme online, 24 hours a day. It means you can see when we are rolling the steel grades and sizes you need - helping you to schedule your production lines for optimum efficiency.


Specialist technical support

We want to ensure you always get the very best out of our products. So our technical team is always on hand to advise you on steel selection and processing. We review your requirements and manufacturing environment to work in close partnership with you from the beginning.

Your everyday contacts are also supported by teams of experts at our research, development and technology centres who will share their expertise on manufacturing-related issues and product performance.

Working together, we can cut costs and waste, boost your efficiency and improve productivity.


Dedicated research and development

We have many decades of experience in the steel industry. Our research and development teams combine this experience with expert knowledge to push the boundaries of product performance. Our experts work in partnership with customers, universities and research institutions to develop new and more advanced grades of steel for increasingly demanding applications. By working closely with you we can help you to achieve:

  • improved product performance
  • improved product aesthetics
  • improved product profitability
  • improved environmental credentials

Collaborating with you, we can develop, test and refine products. We can produce 7 tonne casts of trial grades to give you essential test material for your product development.


Knowledgeable account managers

Our dedicated and experienced account managers work in partnership with you. They provide your everyday point of contact, working alongside you and providing access to the vast technical, logistical, manufacturing and research and development expertise at Tata Steel.
Through strategic, long-term partnerships, we work hard to understand your exact requirements. We use our expertise to help you improve performance and grow your business. Together we make the difference.


Local support wherever you are

You’ll enjoy the same local service wherever you are in the world, thanks to our international network of offices. This network enables us to provide the responsive service of a local supplier combined with the resources and expertise of a global market leader.


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