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We offer a wide range of standard and differentiated products for different and demanding markets worldwide such as ultra-high strength steel for Automotive, speciality steels for Aerospace and ultra-high hardness steels for Defence & Security.

Flat products

  • Hot-rolled


    Our extensive range of hot-rolled strip steels are designed to offer both standard and specialist performance requirements such as forming, bending, deep drawing, laser cutting and welding. Our structural range includes Durbar® floor plate for construction applications and we can also provide high carbon grades to meet demanding wear and fatigue performance.

  • Cold rolled

    Cold rolled

    Tata Steel offers a variety of steel grades and gauges with enhanced surface finishes and strength for demanding processing environments from forming and deep drawing to enamelling capabilities and high-strength performance.

  • Metallic coated

    Metallic coated

    Our metallic coated steels meet a range of processing requirements from forming grades with extra deep drawing qualities, to structural grades guaranteeing minimum strength. Our high strength grades offer finished components increased strength and reduce steel thickness.

  • Direct rolled

    Direct rolled

    Ymagine® is a family of high-quality steels with unique properties that provide narrow tolerances and excellent workability developed to offer a wide ranging of performance capabilities from light gauge drawing processes through to providing high-strength structural performance to your end product.

  • Pre-finished steels

    Pre-finished steels

    An extended range of pre-finished steels offering a combination of metallic layers, pre-treatments and primers with a high-performance polymer finish to both surfaces. Tata Steel provides functional and aesthetic solutions to extend the lifetime performance of products and components.

  • Packaging steels

    Packaging steels

    Our extensive product range of high-performance packaging steels for demanding, high speed can making applications, help canmakers improve their line efficiency and product performance.

  • Electro Plated Steels

    Electro Plated Steels

    A comprehensive range of high-quality cold-rolled steel strip products offering combinations of a variety of substrates, finishes and coatings to meet a wide range of challenging applications, whilst optimising production processes and product functionality.

  • Electrical Steel

    Electrical Steel

    A wide range of high-performance electrical steel products from thin gauge material for high frequency applications to low power loss, high permeability grades for high efficiency transformers, making a real difference to the efficiency of power generation, transmission and distribution.

  • Narrow Strip

    Narrow Strip

    Tata Steel produces narrow strip products manufactured to exacting specifications for industries throughout the world.