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The European rail industry has become both more fragmented and more centralised; due to the separation of powers and responsibilities among dozens of different entities while franchises are increasingly managed by a smaller number of international players.  Working in the rail industry in the UK, and indeed anywhere else, requires above all flexibility and the ability to work with many stakeholders, both within and outside of government, with very different needs, requirements and priorities.  In order to understand and work within this industry we need to be good at forming alliances and working across borders to ensure that a project runs seamlessly from planning to commissioning.

We offer different kinds of services to meet the needs of projects at different periods in their life cycles, from project development, concept design and planning, and development of business cases for projects in early stages of conception, through detailed design and construction, to construction contracting and management

ICE Smeaton Award 2012 : ICE Smeaton Award 2012

ICE Smeaton Award 2012 : ICE Smeaton Award 2012

Tata Steel Projects was awarded the 2012 ICE Smeaton Award for their work on the King's Cross Redevelopment Programme.

ICE Smeaton Award 2012 : Read more

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