Protact manufacture at Tata Steel's Duffel site
Our contribution to the world
We strive to positively contribute to a sustainable society for generations to come.
As a leader in CO2 neutral steelmaking, we are committed to transforming the way steel is produced and used, so it remains the material of choice for our customers in a circular and low carbon economy.
Protecting the planet

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    • Raw materials being offloaded at Tata Steel site
    16 Sep 2021Corporate News
    Big data at sea helps Tata Steel reduce greenhouse gas emissions

    Tata Steel has joined forces with a Danish technology compan

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    • Tata Steel aerial photo
    15 Sep 2021Corporate News
    Tata Steel opts for hydrogen route at its IJmuiden steelworks

    Tata Steel, the leading international steelmaker, has announ

  • 58721
    12 Aug 2021Corporate News
    Tata Steel reports highest ever quarterly consolidated EBITDA; Net debt to EBITDA improves to 1.59x1


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    29 Jul 2021Corporate News
    Tata Steel helps guide global steel industry on its path to net-zero

    Tata Steel has joined some of the world’s leading steelmakers