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Specification details for Trimapanel® flat

EN-Construction-Overview of Trimapanel® flat

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Insulated, secret-fix, smooth faced wall panel that provides a high-end architectural appearance

Trimapanel® flat is an insulated, secret-fix, smooth faced wall cladding that is quick and easy to install for fast build times. Available in 70mm, 90mm and 120mm insulation thicknesses and bespoke lengths up to 12m to minimise waste and provide U-values down to 0.17W/m2K.

Trimapanel® flat is available in Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel in a range of sizes, shapes and colours, and the extensive fabrication options, offers a design flexibility that enables architects to create unique and modern design solutions.

The panel can be laid vertically or horizontally. The unique secret-fix joint design allows primary fixings to be hidden from view, which combined with the panel’s flat surface provides outstanding smooth external aesthetics.

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EN-Construction-Benefits of Trimapanel® flat


Provides modern, high-end aesthetics

  • Unique secret-fix joint design allows primary fixings to be hidden from view, which combined with the smooth flat face provides outstanding external aesthetics.
  • Flexible design allows vertical and horizontal panel installation.
  • Available with a wide range of flashing options, ancillaries, integrated window, integrated louvre, fabricated corner and curved panel options

Performance guaranteed

Independent product verification for risk free specification

Excellent sustainability credentials

  • Lower air permeability of the system reduces energy costs, carbon emission rates and facilitates compliance with Building Regulations (Part L2 & TH 6).
  • Full traceability of all component materials and certified ‘very good’ to BRE’s responsible sourcing standard BES 6001.


EN-Construction-System information of Trimapanel® flat

System information

Basic technical data

Thickness (mm) 70, 90, 120
Maximum length (mm)   12000
Minimum length (mm)
On-line* 2400
Off-line 300
Weight based on thickness in mm (kg/m2)
70 11.89
90 12.67
120 13.85

Panel manufacturing tolerances*Panels ordered below the minimum on-line length will require off-line cutting and will be subject to a surcharge.

(L = length of measurement between high points)
For L = 200mm, 0.6
For L = 400mm, 1.0
For L > 700mm, 1.5
Cover width (mm) +/- 2
Thickness (mm) +/- 2
Squareness (mm) < 6  
Length (mm) < 3m +/- 6
Length (mm) > 3m +/- 10

Tolerance is in accordance with BS EN 1450

EN-Construction-Thermal and fire performance of Trimapanel® flat

Thermal and fire performance

The Trimapanel® flat system complies with the minimum requirements of the Conservation of Fuel and Power sections of the Building Regulations, Approved Document Part L2, England and Wales and Technical Handbook – Scotland. The panel construction offers highly consistent insulation performance, and the site-formed junctions provide a practical and effective method of ensuring good thermal performance.   

Thickness (mm) U-value (W/m2K)*
70 0.31
90 0.24
120 0.17


Fire safety

The Trimapanel® flat system has been tested to LPS1181-1 and is LPCB approved to both Grades EXT-B and EXT-A. Fire resistance performance of 15 mins insulation and 4 hours integrity is also achievable with enhance fixing and methods, contact the technical department for details.

The panel achieves an internal surface reaction to fire Class B s2 d0 rating in accordance with BS EN 13501-1.

Following rigorous structural and fire performance testing with FM Global, Trimapanel® panels have achieved FM Approvals certification to the following stringent standards:

4480: Class 1 Insulated wall and ceiling panels

4481: Class 1 Exterior wall systems (unlimited height)

Specifying and installing FM Approved products will provides assurance that the products have been objectively tested and confirm to the highest international standards. FM Approved roof and wall panel’s means you can be confident that your building envelope will withstand a broad range of fire and environmental risks and be safe throughout its lifecycle.

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EN-Construction-Acoustic performance of Trimapanel® flat

Acoustic performance

The acoustic performance of the Trimapanel® flat system has been predicted using software developed by the Department of Applied Acoustics, University of Salford, under a research contract funded by the Metal Cladding and Roofing Manufacturers Association (MCRMA). The results below are based on a 90mm core.

Frequency (Hz) SRI Values (dB)* Frequency (Hz) SRI Values (dB)*
100 12.5 800 20.1
125 14 1000 21.3
160 15.7 1250 22.6
200 17.3 1600 23.6
250 19 2000 24.3
315 20.7 2500 24.4
400 22.4 3150 23.5
500 24.1 4000 20.5
630 25.9 5000 20.5

*The predicted sound reduction index values should only be used to provide guidance for preliminary design and/or appraisal of cladding systems.Weighted S.R.I Rw = 29.0dB

EN-Construction-Download Trimapanel® flat BIM Objects

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Trimapanel Micro Rib 70mm BIM DNA Profiler

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In addition to our DNA Profiler, you can access our BIM content at

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Trimapanel® micro-rib insulated wall panels BIM Object




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