Catnic® Urban roof and wall fabrications
Specification details

EN-Construction-Product-Catnic Urban roof and wall fabrications | Standard fabrications

Standard fabrications

For detailed information on our standard range of fabrications download a copy of the Catnic® Urban Specification guide, see our product downloads below.

Catnic® Urban Ridge flashing is the capping piece for the highest point of the roof. Usually where two pitches meet at a peak (Duo pitch) or where a single pitch ends at its highest point (Mono pitch). Our Ridge flashings are designed to show minimal fixings.

Catnic® Urban Verge flashing will add the finishing touches to the edges or sides of the roof.

Catnic® Urban Eaves not only protect your building from the elements but can provide clear uninterrupted lines that for a truly architectural finish. This protection can be provided with a range of options from Catnic® Urban including soffits, fascia and weatherboard plank systems.

EN-Construction-Product-Catnic Urban roof and wall fabrications | Bespoke fabrications

Bespoke fabrications
  • There is no limit to the shape or form that we can create. For those requiring a more bespoke fabrication, the Catnic® Urban team will work with you to achieve the level of detail you require. Whether you are looking for modification of one of our standard profiles or a design that is unique to your needs for abutments, flashings, hips or valleys.
  • All bespoke fabrications and flashings are colour matched to your roof.
  • For more details on the Catnic® Urban roofing options.

EN-Construction-Product-Catnic Urban fascia | Design details

Design details

Looking for help and advice with your designs?

The Catnic® Urban team of experts is available to offer the support you need and provide you with more detailed information on any of our Catnic® Urban range of products.

Whether you are looking for a more detailed drawing or a copy of our Specification guide contact the team (details below)

Duo ridge

Catnic® Urban duo ridge roof is one of the most popular designs ideal for traditional domestic buildings. The duo ridge design slopes in two different directions down from the ridge, and can be designed to suit your required style or shape.

Mono ridge

Catnic® Urban mono ridge roof is a single sloping free-standing surface. The mono ridge design slopes in one direction down from the ridge. It is both modern and contemporary and offers the perfect solution for new builds or additions to existing roofs.


Catnic® Urban lean-to roofs are fixed to an exterior wall of the building, providing small ground floor extensions and additional covered roofing space. The lean-to design is a simple, traditional concept which can be built entirely to suit you, as part of a new build or an extension to an existing structure.


Catnic® Urban dormer roofs can be created with pitches as low as 5 degrees. Urban Seam® dormers can be designed for inclusion at construction stage or as a later addition to your build. Available to suit a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit pitched, flat or even the most difficult of dormer shapes. So versatile is the dormer that it is easily integrated with existing tiled roofs.

If you have any questions or for further information click here to contact us.

EN-Construction-Product-Catnic Urban fascia | Service support

Service support

To obtain a no-obligation, fully itemised estimate speak with one of our Catnic® Urban experts

Our team are on hand to provide estimates, samples and advice on the performance and most suitable system for your project. In addition our dedicated team can provide comprehensive support at every stage of your project.

If you have any questions or for further information click here to contact us.