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EN-Construction-Product-Colorfarm 20 | Product benefits

Product benefits

<p>Key attributes</p> <ul> <li>35µm internal layer for good chemical resistance.</li> <li>Supplied with a Galvalloy® metallic coating to EN 10346:2015 for excellent corrosion resistance.</li> <li>Available in 8 colours, specifically developed to harmonise with the rural environment.</li> <li>20 year internal functional performance guarantee.</li> <li>Certified to EN 10169:2010 CPI5 resistance.</li> </ul>

EN-Construction-Product-Colorfarm 20 | Installation


To ensure the best performance of Colorcoat® products, we recommend that buildings are constructed following the principles outlined in the latest edition of the UK RIDBA Farm Buildings Handbook. Local legislation and regulations should be followed regarding active/passive ventilation in relation to animal welfare and environmental emissions. Good building design and operation will support improved animal health and wellbeing and therefore improved growth and yield.

When choosing which product to use you should consider where the building is, for example will it be prone to damage, how long will you want your building to last, any internal considerations such as resistance to specific chemicals and what the buildings use will be.

Double sided Colorfarm® should be used for single skin agricultural buildings. Single sided can be used  for the internal liner of insulated buildings,  using built-up or composite panel systems.

The backing coat should be installed facing the insulation. Here the exposed side of the internal cladding is protected by the high build Colorfarm® pre-finished steel, whilst the unexposed side is supplied with our high performance backing coat. Colorfarm® provides good levels of resistance against many chemicals found in internal agricultural environments, and with appropriate maintenance its overall life will be considerably extended.

For further technical advice and Cleaning and maintenance please refer to the agricultural buildings brochure.

EN-Construction-Product-Colorfarm 20 | Colour range

Colour range

Colorfarm® is available in a choice of 8 colours.

Single sided products have a standard high performance backing coat.

With double sided Colorfarm® the external topcoat is Colorcoat® PE 25 which provides a colour range which will blend in with the external landscape and simulate those of traditional building materials. Double sided products have an obligatory Chalk White Colorfarm® internal finish.

The printed colours shown for Colorfarm® are for guidance only. For true representation of colour and effect, please obtain product samples from the Colorcoat Connection® helpline.

BS or Ral reference numbers shown represent the nearest colours and are not exact matches.

Colorfarm colour palette







Note: For double sided option Chalk White is obligatory for the reverse side.

1. Chalk White RAL:9002 | 2. Goosewing Grey BS:10A05 | 3. Reseda Green RAL:6011 | 4. Juniper Green BS:12B29
5. Light Ivory RAL:1015 | 6. Slate Grey RAL:220 30 05 | 7. Slate Blue RAL:5008 | 8. Milestone Brown BS:08B29

EN-Construction-Product-Colorfarm 20 | Product performance

Product performance

Colorfarm® has been designed specifically to meet the demands of agricultural buildings including a high resistance to ammonia and fertilisers. It suits any farming purpose, including livestock housing and  crop storage and has been tested in contact with a number of chemicals commonly found in agricultural environments. During the tests Colorfarm® was exposed to vapour, liquid, or paste, depending on the chemical being tested.

Exposure of Colorfarm to common chemicals

Test reagent Performance
  Excellent resistance Good resistance Limited resistance
Fertilizer 10% Phosphate *    
Fertilizer Amn. Phosphate *    
Fertilizer NPK 25:5:5 *    
Fertilizer NPK 5:24:15 *    
Antiseptic drench *    
Wood preservative *    
Weed killer *    
Hydrochloric Acid (10%)     *
Sulphuric Acid (10%)     *
Phosphoric Acid (10%)     *
Acetic Acid (10%)     *
Butyric Acid (10%)     *
Lactic Acid (10%)   *  
Sodium Hydroxide pellets     *
Ammonia (High concentration 75%)   *  
Sodium Hypochlorite   *  
Ammonium Nitrate     *
Ammonium Phosphate *    
Sodium Carbonate *    
Sodium Chlorate *    
Sodium Nitrate *    
Formalin (40%) *    
Urea *    
Water *    
Carbon Dioxide *