Loadsafe is an innovative and versatile range of platforms providing secure temporary access to ensure the safety of personnel onsite.

Loadsafe platforms are easy to manoeuvre, simple to use and have been installed at multiple sites across the UK & Europe to satisfy the 2005 Working at Height Regulations

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Features & Benefits

<p>LoadSafe is designed to encourage a safer working environment. Deliberately engineered to accommodate access restrictions and loading  constraints presented at construction sites and loading yards across the country.</p> <p>Originally developed by Tata Steel to improve health and safety on its own sites and reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls from goods vehicle trailers.</p> <p>Every year around 2000 drivers and workers are seriously injured in falls from vehicles. Each LoadSafe platform provides a temporary means of access, and safe refuge, for banksmen and other personnel involved in the loading or unloading process. Designed primarily to ensure the safety of those unloading from trucks on site, especially where no edge protection is present. LoadSafe has been developed and made available in a number of con­figurations that make it suitable for use in both ‑at, surfaced delivery yards and on more uneven ground such as the unloading areas on many construction sites.</p> <p><strong>Extensive benefits of the LoadSafe product range:</strong></p> <p><strong>Quick and easy to manoeuvre</strong><br/>Manufactured from steel sections the robust LoadSafe platforms are designed to be lightweight and easily positioned on site using available plant equipment such as forklifts.</p> <p><strong>Safe and stable to use</strong><br/>All platforms are designed to be effortlessly positioned close to the vehicle by a maximum of two individuals. Robust handrails and stairways ensure a secure and stable work area for personnel. For maximum stability the platform uses two water filled ballast tanks*.</p> <p><strong>Quick vehicle turnaround</strong><br/>To allow swift vehicle entry the platforms have been designed to move easily away from the trailer bed, allowing the driver to position his lorry without difficulty or restricted access. The efficient design permits greater flexibility for vehicles when loading and unloading thus saving time and maximising the deployment of vehicles and workforce on site. Where platforms sit on two sealed linear bearings only one person is required to glide it into position*.</p> <p><strong>Minimum maintenance</strong><br/>The entire platform range has very few moving parts, wheels are locked into position, and linear bearings* secured into its open and closed position by a spring-loaded bolt.</p> <p><strong>Compliance</strong><br/>The LoadSafe platform range has been designed within the BS EN 1004:2004 guidelines and manufactured in line with industry regulating standards P.U.W.E.R 1998 and B.S 4592 (Part 1) to withstand 5kn perm2 of downward force to ensure the maximum level of safety when loading and unloading from trailers.</p> <p>* Only available on LS8 platforms</p>

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