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EN-Construction-Product-Sinus - Nordics - 45R.900 | Technical data

Technical data
Sinus 45.900 3d Model
Sinus 43.900 2d Model
Technical data 45R.900
Thickness: 0,50/0,60/0,65mm
Height: 18mm
Min. length: 500mm
Max. length: 7500mm
Screws required: 8 stk 4,9x35 mm + 4 stk 4,8x20 mm
Material: Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®, Colorcoat® PE25, Colorcoat Prisma®, AluZink


Thickness mm Weight kg/m2
0,50 5,30
0,60 6,00


  • Available with Constop Filt.

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