Celsius S460NH
Specification details for Celsius S460NH

EN-Construction-Product-Celsius hot finished hollow sections - Celsius S460NH | Key features

Key features
  • Fully normalized structural hollow sections, compliant with EN 10210:S460NH
  • High strength steel, enabling at least 20% weight saving and reduced carbon footprint, compared to an S460 strength section, when used in strength-limited applications
  • Normalized fine grain steel, so free of internal stresses and with a minimum strength of 460N/mm2 allowing the highest fabrication factors and enabling material cost savings and lighter structures
  • Available in a wide size range of square (40 x 40 x 3.2mm to 400 x 400 x 16mm) rectangular (50 x 30 x 3.2mm to 500 x 300 x 16mm) hollow sections
  • Tight corner radii (<2T) exceeding the standard - enhancing the product’s aesthetic appeal whilst avoiding the risk of brittle fracture which occurs in some cold formed products
  • Excellent dimensional consistency, high levels of formability, suitable for galvanising and, because the steel is fully-killed, excellent weldability
  • Fully compliant with CE marking and certified as suitable for all structural applications; overcomes design risks associated with other forms of hollow sections
  • Certified as suitable for mechanical applications, especially those involving cyclical loading
  • Suitable for low temperature applications (40J @ -20°C)
  • Batch-tested to give the properties of the specific delivered material; full test certification supplied
  • Clearly marked as Celsius® S460NH, and supplied with a 3.1 test certificate for the reassurance of batch traceability
  • Full technical support available

EN-Construction-Product-Celsius hot finished hollow sections - Celsius S460NH | Mechanical properties

Mechanical properties

High strength hot finished hollow sections suitable for all construction and mechanical applications. Celsius® 460 is suitable for all internal and external applications to BS5950-1:2000, EN1993 and BS5400.

Celsius 460 hollow sections are supplied with a minimum yield strength of 460 N/mm2 and comply fully with the European Standard for hot finished structural hollow sections, EN10210:S460NH.

Yield strength
ReH min N/mm2;
Tensile strength
Rm N/mm2
Elongation % min
L0 = 5,65 √S0
Impact strength
10mm x 10mm
Carbon equivalent
(CEV) max
T ≤ 16mm 3mm < T ≤ 100mm T ºC J  
460 540-720 17 -40 27 0.45

Chemical composition % by mass

C max Si max Mn P max S max Nb max V ma Al total min Ti max Cr max Ni max Mo max Cu max N max
0.22 0.60 1.70 0.035 0.030 0.050 0.20 0.020 0.03 0.30 0.80 0.10 0.70 0.025

Celsius 460 is produced from fully-killed steel – critical to formability and weldability.

Inspection and testing
Celsius hollow sections EN10210:S460NH are subject to specific inspection and testing and are supplied with an inspection certificate type 3.1 to EN10204.

EN-Construction-Product-Celsius hot finished hollow sections - Celsius S460NH | Dimensional tolerances

Dimensional tolerances

Dimensional tolerances EN10210: Part 2

Celsius 460NH is manufactured to the tolerances defined in EN 10210: Part 2. Tighter tolerances are available on request and if you require specific tolerances in excess of this, please contact us.

  Circular/Ellipticals Square/Rectangular
Outside dimension (D B and H) Circular ±1% with a min of ±0.5mm and maximum of ±10mm
Ellipticals ±1% with a min of ±0.5mm (The permitted tolerance
is twice the value for H<250)
±1% with a min of ±0.5mm
Thickness (T) -10%
Note: Positive deviation limited by mass tolerance
Note: Positive deviation limited by mass tolerance
Squareness of side - 90 degrees ±1 degree
External corner profile - 2T max at each corner*
(EN10210 has 3T max)
Concavity/convexity (x) - – ±1% of the side, measured independently
of the tolerance on the outside dimension
Twist (V) Ellipticals: 2mm plus 0.5mm/m max
(The permitted tolerance is twice the value for H<250)
2mm plus 0.5mm/m max
Section is placed on a flat surface with one end
held flat. At the other end the height difference of
the two lower corners is taken
Mass (M) ±6% on individual lengths ±6% on individual lengths
Straightness Maximum 0.2% of the total length & 3mm over every 1m length
Ellipticals: The permitted tolerance is twice the value for H<250
Maximum 0.2% of total length & 3mm over every
1m length
Length +150mm/-0mm +150mm/-0mm
Out-of-roundness (O) Circular 2% for hollow sections having a diameter to thickness
ratio not exceeding 100

* Unless shown otherwise

EN-Construction-Product-Celsius hot finished hollow sections - Celsius S460NH | Dimensions


Celsius S460NH is available across the size range indicated in the tables, minimum order quantities may apply. Intermediate sizes may also be available. For further information or specific requests, please contact us.

Celsius S460NH is available in standard lengths from 6.0m to 14.5m for sizes up to 100/100 or 120/80 and up to 15.3m for all other sizes.

Square hollow sections (SHS)      
mm 3.2 3.6 4 5 6.3 8 10 12.5 16


Rectangular hollow sections (RHS)      
mm 3.2 3.6 4 5 6.3 8 10 12.5 16


Circular hollow sections (CHS) 
mm 5.0 6.3 8.0 10.0 12.5 16.0

NL-Construction-Product-Celsius hot finished hollow sections - Celsius S460NH | Free design support

Free design support

Our team of dedicated engineers are on-hand to support engineers to make the most of our range of Celsius fully normalized hollow sections.
Email us on technicalmarketing@tatasteeleurope.com or phone on +44 (0)1536 404561 to speak to the team.

We also provide a number of free tools to make your specification of Celsius hollow sections as simple as possible:

  • Celsius design app - for quick and easy sizing of hollow sections (iOS and Android)
  • The Blue Book – the definitive guide to designing across our full range, including all sectional properties
  • Welded Joints calculation software
  • Firesoft for designing concrete-filled, fire-resistant columns
  • BIM Objects – available to download from our innovative BIM DNA Profiler

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