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Fast Fit

Fast Fit is a demountable interior wall and hanging system comprising of pre-fabricated colorcoated steel panels with a universal mounting and fixing system.


The Fast Fit internal wall fit out system provides a strong and versatile alternative to traditional building materials.


The combination of pre-finished panels & Reform’s patented quick clip panel mounting solution make it a great choice for large building projects such as schools, hospitals, offices and housing schemes, where quick build times and guaranteed quality are of particular importance.


coretinium internal walls
Fast Fit internal wall system corner feature
Fast fit internal wall system panels
Fast Fit internal wall system panels on both sides of wall
Fast Fit internal wall system with Reform fixing system detail
Product specification
Demountable interior wall and hanging system


Fast Fit
Product specification


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With an integrated 50mm service cavity behind the Colorcoat® panel, services can be easily installed without the need to thread through structural walls or plasterboard.

Manufactured in Shotton, North Wales, the renowned Colorcoat Prisma® or Advantica® pre-finished steels create premium aesthetics, removing the need for onsite wet trades.

The final panel installation involves a simple push in clip fitting and can be completed by unskilled labour, with the panels being quickly demountable with a special tool, enabling ongoing access to the service cavity and the ability to remove, relocate and reuse the panels.



Fast Fit offers the benefits of a product designed for Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). It is made to measure, so there is no on-site waste and certainty of fit.


Colour match is assured and its no-tools installation de-risks site operations allowing rapid but accurate completion. It is suitable for many sectors due to its robustness, hygienic and wipe-clean surfaces.

With its steel skins, Fast Fit is able to meet the severe duty ratings from a single 10mm panel, massively reducing the amount of materials and layers that are normally required to create a performance wall, which cuts down on site deliveries and on site work.

The combination of the pre-painted finish, hanging system and clip fittings allows for quick and easy installation, with no delays for wet trade drying, the panel installation can be completed alongside final electrical & services fitting.

The magnetic surface is ideal for displaying notifications with the use of magnets instead of tape and pins, reducing maintenance and easy to wipe clean.



Steel is infinitely recyclable with zero degradation in materials properties when recycled – unlike nearly all of the other construction materials.


It also contains more than 25% recycled steel content.  All manufacturing processes are carefully controlled to the highest environmental quality standards and are ISO 14001 certified.

In construction we have the widest portfolio of products certified in the world. For this industry we develop technologies for modular and sustainable construction.

With that in mind Fast Fit  is manufactured and delivered as a kit of parts in order to minimise:

  • Over ordering
  • Cutting waste
  • The use of sealants, glues, paints
  • Reduced on site machining errors/p>
  • Reduced damage / breakages of panels
  • Reduced shipping
  • Reduced waste in maintenance and upgrade

EN-Construction-Product-Fast-Fit-Kit of parts

Kit of standard parts
seismic system

1 - Base Angle: made with 2.0mm S280 G250 creates the level

2 - Mounting Rail: Steel C channel 1.6mm Galv fixed to main structural wall or helping hand

3 - Sliding Connector: made with 0.7mm Spring Steel with twist in fit

4 - Vertical Retaining Rail: 1.0mm Galv that snap clicks into place and can be slid into along the mounting rail, deskilling installation and making it easy to be positioned


Tool free panel mounting

The steel skinned composite sheets are mounted using Reform’s patented clip system that is pre-applied to the rear of the composite sheet in our factory or at the off-site builders.

seismic system detail focus