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  • Scientific Fellow, Adam Bannister

    "The variety of the work is the best thing about my job, typically ranging from urgent customer issues to longer term projects on offshore pipelines, and often there are major cost and structural safety implications."

    I work mainly on fracture and fatigue prevention, life assessment of structures and fitness-for-service. There is no shortage of surprises in terms of in-service and fabrication demands customers place on our products such as extreme low temperature service, impact loading and high stresses. Development of methods to enable accurate assessment of these is a key part of my job. The expectations on the assets Tata operates are also increasing, hence it is essential to prevent failures by understanding potential degradation mechanisms and making best use of the latest prediction and inspection techniques.

    Sharing good practice both between hubs and across sectors is also one of my roles, a challenge in such a large and diverse organisation; a fatigue issue solved for an earth-mover can often be used to benefit our own plant, but a view of the wider picture is needed to enable this.

    In my spare time I mainly head for the mountains, climbing, skiing or mountain-biking. There is plenty of scope for these in the UK but I try to get out to the Alps as often as I can and am (slowly) trying to tick off of all the 4000m summits. Alpine climbing has some similarities to my work- you do your best to plan ahead but you need to be flexible as there is always something unexpected around the corner.