Serica Waviness/Paint appearance graph
Guaranteed low waviness after forming offers the highest possible surface quality and paint appearance for hoods, doors, fenders, body sides and paint appearance for exterior parts.
Extra wide outer panels
Available in industry leading widths up to 2020mm, allowing production of the widest outer panels or efficient nesting.
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Typical applications of Serica
Serica is ideal for a range of applications
Serica fender
A premium look at a lower cost

Serica displays far sharper reflections and a more premium appearance compared to normal full finish quality. This means that vehicle manufacturers can improve the quality of exposed body panels and reduce costs by using a modern paint system with fewer or thinner layers, or by switching from electro-galvanised to hot-dip galvanised steels.

Improved paint quality compared to standard metallic-coated finish
Serica door panel
Looking for a cost-effective alternative to electro galvanised sheet?

Especially when used in combination with mill-applied booster lubrication PLT, Serica provides a cost-efficient alternative to electro-galvanised steel sheet (EG) and pre-phosphated EG (EG-p) exterior components such as bonnets, doors and vehicle roofs.

The right choice for exterior components
Body side panel
Wider widths for greater efficiency

Serica is available up to industry-leading widths of 2020mm. This enables its use in wide bodysides and it also offers cost-efficient nesting benefits for smaller outer panels.

Body side
Extra wide outer panels
BiW sidepanel