Colorcoat Prisma® - Textured
Specification details

EN_US-Construction-Product-Colorcoat Prisma Textured | Benefits

  • Revolutionary 3 layer coating technology, with an optimised thicker clearcoat to achieve a true textured effect.
  • The most matt option as part of the Colorcoat Prisma™ range with gloss less than 5%.
  • Meets the highest European standards for corrosion and UV resistance (Ruv4 and RC5 as per EN 10169).
  • Robust and durable topcoat for easier handling and processing.
  • Optimised Galvalloy® metallic coating for ultimate corrosion resistance and cut edge protection.
  • Independently tested for liberation of volatile organic compounds (VOC) against EN ISO 16000-9 and achieved an A+ rating.
  • Fully REACH compliant & free of chromates including hexavalent chrome.
  • Made in the UK. Certified to BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing Standard.

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EN_US-Construction-Product-Colorcoat Prisma Textured | Typical properties

Typical properties
Properties     Test Standard
Nominal organic
coating thickness:



EN 13523-1
Specular gloss (60°):



EN 13523-2
Scratch resistance:



EN 13523-12
Abrasion resistance
(Taber, 250 rv, 2 kg):



EN 13523-16
Minimum bend radius
Reverse impact
Adhesion (Cross hatch)
Pencil hardness



EN 13523-7
EN 13523-5
EN 13523-6
EN 13523-4
Maximum continuous
operating temperature
(°C) 90  
Corrosion resistance:
Salt spray



EN 13523-8
EN 13523-26
Corrosion resistance
EN 10169
UV resistance
  Ruv4 EN 10169

*μm = micron

1.  The figures contained in this table are typical properties and do not constitute a specification. Tested in accordance with EN 13523.
2.  For health and safety datasheets contact the Colorcoat Connection® helpline.

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EN_US-Construction-Product-Colorcoat Prisma Textured | Product performance

Product performance


Colorcoat Prisma™ uses the unique and proven Galvalloy™ metallic coating by Tata Steel. Galvalloy™ is made with a special mix of 95% Zinc (Zn) and 5% Aluminium (Al) that conforms to EN 10346:2015. The carefully developed proportions of Zinc and Aluminium in Galvalloy™ offers a combination of increased barrier and sacrificial protection when compared with conventional Hot Dip Galv (HDG) coatings and provides unrivalled corrosion protection, even at the cut edges.

Fire performance

Reaction to fire
Colorcoat Prisma™ - Textured has been tested to EN 13823 and EN ISO 1716 and can be classified in accordance with EN 13501-1 as A2-s1, d0. This classification is valid for all gauges = 0.47mm and for all colours in the product range for single sided product.

Performance of roof coverings
Colorcoat Prisma™ - Textured is deemed to satisfy, without the need for further testing, the requirements for external fire performance of roof covering products in accordance with Commission Decision 2000/553/EC. This is valid for all gauges = 0.4mm and for all colours in the product range for single sided product.

Colour consistency
If tonal consistency is critical, all cladding for a single elevation should come from the same production batch. All metallic shades exhibit a degree of directionality.  

Matching components
If accessories made from other materials are to be colour-matched to the roof or wall cladding, the best reference is the actual profiles or panels delivered to site, or material from the same batch.

Metal hand samples
Metal hand samples are available for all colours. For a truer representation of colour and effect, please obtain metal hand samples.

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EN_US-Construction-Product-Colorcoat Prisma | Sustainability


At Tata Steel we are committed to making the products society needs and to making them in the most responsible way. Our commitment to sustainability also means we actively manage our impacts and contribution throughout the full life of our products - with our suppliers, within our own operations, through the supply chains we serve and by taking responsibility for recycling steel. Colorcoat Prisma™ has achieved BES 6001 responsible sourcing certificate which reinforces our commitment to sustainability.

Life Cycle Assessment
We constantly strive to ensure that the manufacturing processes and materials used to manufacture Colorcoat Prisma™ are the most sustainable available. Moreover, the enhanced robustness and durability of Colorcoat Prisma™ mean that it significantly outperforms other pre-finished steel in terms of environmental impacts over the full life cycle. 

System environmental assessment
In the UK all roof and wall systems using pre-finished steel achieve a Green Guide A+ rating. Manufacture and processing of Colorcoat Prisma™ into building envelope products, through our approved supply chain, can meet the responsible sourcing criteria for BREEAM. Our manufacturing site has an environmental management system which has been certified to ISO 14001.

Colorcoat Prisma™ is truly recyclable without any loss of quality, time after time. There is a well established and very efficient steel recycling infrastructure which ensures that all steel collected at end of life goes back into steel manufacture. Through this efficient recycling of steel, the environmental investment in steel-making is never wasted, making steel the most sustainable construction material.

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