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    We seek to develop material solutions in co-operation with our customers through innovative combinations of coatings and substrates.

    Collaboration between our two competence centres and Tata Steel's research laboratories means we have a wide range of expertise to assist your needs.

    Are your ideas more advanced than your material? Then why not take advantage of our unique specialised knowledge?

    Plated steel strip innovations

    One of Tata Steel Plating's strengths is the ability to combine different substrates with different coatings. This enables us to develop new products and open up new perspectives for you.

    Research capabilities

    Joining forces to find the perfect solution for your specific requirements

    Maximum product quality can only be realised through the right combination and balance of design, function and material. We mobilise our extensive research and development resources and team up with you to develop tailor-made materials that:

    • meet your design specifications
    • meet your functional requirements
    • allow you to optimise your production process

    Two product market development (PMD) sites of excellence:

    Laboratories equipped with:

    • Electrochemical analysis equipment
    • Metallographic equipment

    Links to Tata Steel Research & Development and Research Institutes:

    • IJmuiden and Swinden
    • Fraunhofer Institute

    From laboratory sample to product sample

    We know that good ideas need to be nurtured.  To assist, we can supply small test coils to get you moving in the right direction.


    Tata Steel is an innovation driven company, which combines a personal service for customers with a creative flair for...

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    Product catalogue

    A comprehensive range of high-quality cold-rolled steel strip products offering combinations of a variety of substrates, finishes and coatings to meet a wide range of challenging applications, whilst optimising production processes and product functionality.

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