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    Tata Steel has a small number of corporate sponsorships as well as a proactive Community Partnership Programme.

    Our sponsorships are commercial relationships between Tata Steel and our sponsorship partners. Our Community partnership programme supports charitable and non-profit organisations in the communities in which we operate. 

    In the UK we are the Community Partner of the British Triathlon Federation. We have been a sponsor of the British Triathlon Federation since 2006 and have actively supported the organisation in its journey to Olympic and World Championship success. In 2007 we launched the Tata Kids of Steel children’s triathlon series to encourage youngsters aged 8 to 13 to give “tri a try.” By working in partnership with the British Triathlon Federation, schools, and the local communities in which we operate, our Tata Kids of Steel series has introduced more than 75,000 youngsters to the sport.

    In the Netherlands we organise the world’s leading and longest running chess competition the Tata Steel Chess Tournament. The tournament was launched in 1938 and takes place every year in Wijk aan Zee, in the region of Amsterdam. As well as attracting the world's top chess players like Magnus Carlsen and Anish Giri, the tournament also provides the most passionate chess amateurs the opportunity to play alongside these Grandmasters.

    At Tata Steel we are a firm believer in the benefits of brain sports, especially for our ‘Future Generations’. Additionally, we witness time and again that people of different age, gender, culture and backgrounds build a bond and connect easily through the game of chess.  We therefore activate the tournament through various school programmes in our own community and in those we visit with the Chess on Tour events to connect school children and positively impact their mental and social development.

    Tata Steel is not currently accepting new requests for corporate sponsorship. However any community and non-profit organisations wishing to find out more about how to apply for support can do so through our Community Partnership Programme.