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  • Thomas Steel Strip Corp., Warren, Ohio, USA

    With a history dating back to the early 1920s, Thomas Steel Strip is today recognised as a world-class industry leader in plating.

    Whether your applications require cold-rolled or plated steel, you can be confident that Thomas Steel will provide products that meet the highest levels of dimensional and plating layer precision.

    Our combination of equipment and capabilities ensures we can offer a flexible customer service. We can:

    • meet customer needs for smaller volumes (much like a service centre)
    • respond to customer production requirements for larger volumes 

    Our electroplating process enables us to meet all customer expectations for product characteristics including:

    • chemical properties
    • corrosion resistance
    • electrical conductivity

    As a pioneer of many new technologies, Thomas Steel Strip supplies a wide range of steel products. These are:

    • cold rolled
    • nickel-plated
    • cobalt-plated
    • nickel-zinc (NiZn)