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  • Low carbon and circular economy

    Pivotal technology to deliver our ambition for a low carbon and circular economy

    HIsarna is a completely new technology for producing steel. It consists of a reactor in which iron ore is injected at the top. The ore is liquefied in a high-temperature cyclone and drips to the bottom of the reactor where powder coal is injected. The powder coal reacts with the molten ore to produce liquid iron that is the base material to produce high quality steel. The gases that leave the HIsarna reactor are concentrated CO2.

    The technology removes a number of pre-processing steps and requires less stringent conditions on the quality of the raw materials used. This results in enormous efficiency gains. It reduces energy use and CO2 emissions by 20% and reduces the emissions of fine particles, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide with between 60 to 80%.

    Since the HIsarna installation produces highly concentrated CO2, it is ideally suited for carbon capture and either storage (CCS) or use (CCU), without the need for a costly gas separation stage. The combination of HIsarna with storage could lead to a total CO2 saving of 80% from the steel production process.

    HIsarna is expected to play a pivotal role to meet the future recycling ambitions of the circular economy. Not only do we expect to be able to combine primary steelmaking with recycling of up to 50% steel scrap, which is twice the present theoretical maximum of the Blast Furnace –Basic Oxygen Steel plant route. HIsarna also allows the recovery of zinc from coated steel scrap.

    Advantages of HIsarna 

    “The HIsarna production process is more efficient than the current one, as there is no need to pre-process ores and metallurgical coal. Eventually a complete production stage can be phased out: coking plants, sinter plants and pellet plants. This will also save a lot of energy, which is good for the environment. HIsarna also enables the use of a wider range of ore and coal qualities, which will allow steel companies to produce the same high quality steels using more widely available raw materials.”
    “HIsarna’s most important environmental benefits are the reduction of energy use and CO2 emissions by at least 20%. Since the HIsarna installation produces almost 100% pure CO2, this CO2 is ideally suited for immediate capture and storage, without the need for a costly refining process.”
    “HIsarna also allows for a wider range of steel production by-products to be reused, which will further close the loop of the steel manufacturing process. An additional advantage of HIsarna is the reduction of the emission of fine particles, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.”