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  • How It Works

    This new technology for producing steel consists of a reactor in which iron ore is injected at the top. The ore is liquefied in a high-temperature cyclone and drips to the bottom of the reactor where powder coal is injected. The powder coal reacts with the molten ore to produce liquid iron that is the base material to produce high quality steel. The gases that leave the HIsarna reactor are concentrated CO2.

    The technology removes a number of pre-processing steps and requires less stringent conditions on the quality of the raw materials used. This results in enormous efficiency gains. It reduces energy use and CO2 emissions by 20% and reduces the emissions of fine particles, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide with between 60 to 80%.

    • 1. Alternative raw materials storage silo
    • 2. Off-gas duct
    • 3. Gas cooler
    • 4. Coal and lime storage silos
    • 5. Cooling towers
    • 6. Bag filter
    • 7. Secondary dedusting
    • 8. Smelting cyclone
    • 9. Smelting reduction vessel
    • 10. Fore hearth
    • 11. Control room
    • 12. Coal grinding, drying and screening
    • 13. Ore drying and screening
    • 14. Raw materials storage
    • 15. Offices
    • 16. Workshop