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  • Research Assistant, Marcel Schilder

    "I find my job very attractive because it is variable and remains versatile. At one time I may for example perform precise analyzes, may interview a client or do literature research to gain specific knowledge of a topic."

    Analyzing and resolving customer issues by means of specific simulation equipment is what I like. It feeds my job satisfaction the most. Sometimes that leads to a patent. Happened to me twice. Experience and understanding can grow with the years but there is room for development, and that is what I receive back.

    In my spare time I also love to be versatile. Some hobbies of mine are motorcycling, kayaking and doing odd jobs. In doing these jobs I use every conceivable machines such as welding equipment, grinders, drills etc. I try to keep an open mind for possibilities, think logically and without a negative bias. With this in mind I can tackle any problem, and it almost always leads to a nice result.