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  • External collaboration

    Research & Development co-operates with universities and research institutes all over the world as well as, through the individual businesses of Tata Steel, with key customers in the automotive, transport, packaging and construction areas.

    Our major partners in research are: 

    M2i - Materials innovation institute 

    Centre de Recherches Métallurgiques, Liège


    University of Wales, Engineering Doctorate Centre 

    McGill Metals Processing Centre, Center for Iron and Steelmaking 

    Surface Engineering Group (SEG)


    In the United Kingdom and the Netherlands we sponsor the following research groups directly: 

     University of Cambridge  Prof Harry Badeshia  Tata Steel Professor of Metallurgy
     University of Sheffield  Dr Richard Thackray  Tata Steel Lecturer in Steelmaking
     University of  Warwick  Prof Shridhar
     Royal Academy of Engineering / Tata Steel 
     Research Chair in Low Carbon Materials
     Imperial College of London  Dr Rongshan Qin  Tata Steel/Royal Academy of Engineering 
     Senior Research Fellow in Steel Processing
     University of Birmingham  Prof Claire Davis  Professor of Ferrous Metallurgy
     University of Swansea  Dr Cameron Pleydell-
     Technical University of Delft  Dr. Yongxiang Yang  Lecturer Process Metallurgy
     Technical University of Delft  Stichting MSE  Support to Technical University of Delft chairs
     and department in materials science
     Technical University of Delft  Stichting Leerstoel
     Support to chair raw materials


    We are also member of: