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  • Product Technology & Applications

    Research into Product Technology & Applications is organised into a number of specific areas.

    These are:

    Charter of the Materials Characterisation & Pilot Manufacturing department:
    The objective of this department will be to provide world class material analyses and pilot manufacturing to TSE.
    Material characterisations are done to create in-depth forensic understanding of TSE products and processes by applying and developing methods.
    The pilot facilities cover all processing steps within TSE downstream from casting.

    Knowledge groups:
    - Microstructure & Surface Characterisation
    - Strip Pilot Technology & Prototyping
    - Longs Pilot Technology & Prototyping
    - Characterisation & Performance

    For further information, please contact: jasper.patel@tatasteeleurope.com

    Charter of the Materials Design department:
    To innovate, design, develop and help implement with speed value added steel based products across all sectors for now and the future.

    Knowledge groups:
    Functional & Formable Strip Steels
    - High Strength Strip Steels
    - Plates, Tubes & Section Steels
    - Rail, Rod & Speciality Steels

    For further  information, please contact: John.Collingham@tatasteeleurope.com

    Charter of the Surface Engineering department:
    Support all existing products and coating technologies with surface enhanced properties, both metallic, inorganic and organic.
    Develop differentiating coating systems and technologies
    Create further understanding of the role and function of enhanced surface properties
    Develop the polymer knowledge needed for innovative steel solutions
    Create in-depth understanding of customer applications and processes

    Knowledge groups:
    Coating Technology
    - Coatings Development
    - Coatings UK

    For further information, please contact: john.collingham@tatasteeleurope.com

    Charter of the Application & Engineering department:

    To generate and supply the knowledge and expertise to develop differentiation in products and technical customer solutions and services in TSE main markets.
    To meet the charter, A&E performs R&D on material behaviour and properties in product design, manufacturing and performance depth understanding of customer applications and processes.

    Knowledge groups:
    Stamping Technology
    - Plasticity & Tribology
    - Joining & Performance Technology
    - Structural Design & Integrity
    - Product Engineering

    For further information, please contact: Nico.Langerak@tatasteeleurope.com