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  • Effect of graphite on hot metal desulphurisation

    29 Jun 2019

    F.N.H. Schrama, E.M. Beunder, H.J. Visser; Tata Steel Europe, IJmuiden
    R. Boom, J. Sietsma, Y. Yang; Delft University of Technology

    During the magnesium-lime co-injection process for hot metal desulphurisation, graphite can precipitate as a result of carbon oversaturation. The formed graphite is known to form a layer between the slag and the hot metal. This potentially blocks the sulphides, that are formed during the desulphurisation process, to reach the slag phase thus hampering the desulphurisation efficiency. In this research it was aimed to obtain experimental evidence for the postulated hampering effect of graphite on the hot metal desulphurisation efficiency at an industrial process. 

    Paper presented at  the conference "Metec / Estad 2019 : 4th European Steel Technology and Application Days", Düsseldorf, 24-28 June, 2019 

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