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  • Hot-Formability and Mechanical Behaviours of a Tungstein-Containing Low-Carbon Complex-Phase Steel

    6 Jun 2019

    Radhakanta Rana, Theo Kop; Tata Steel R&D, IJmuiden 

    Tungsten is a relatively costly alloying element in steel and therefore it is used only sparingly for niche applications (e.g. tool steels), particularly for hardness improvements utilising its carbide phases. Thus, the literature on the W-containing automotive sheet steels is scanty and its metallurgical effects during processing of sheet steels is largely unknown. In the present work, a W-containing low-carbon steel containing 0.15C-2Mn-0.25W (wt.%) was designed using thermodynamic predictions and investigated for its suitability for hot-press forming (HPF). The alloy was processed to a cold-rolled gauge of 1.5 mm following standard industrial processing steps. The behaviour of the alloy during continuous cooling transformation (CCT) revealed that W retards the ferritic and pearlitic transformations from austenite.

    Paper presented at the conference "CHS² 2019", the 7th International Conference on Hot Sheet Metal Forming of High Performance Steel, Luleå, Sweden, 2nd-5th June 2019 

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