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  • New Multiphase CP and DP 1000 MPa strength level grades for improved performance after hot forming

    8 Jun 2019

    Radhakanta Rana, Cris Lahaije; Tata Steel R&D, IJmuiden
    Christina Sunderkoetter; Volkswagen, Wolfsburg
    Iñaki Pérez, Maribel Arribas, Inigo Aranguren; Tecnalia, Derio
    Daniele De Caro; CRF-FCA, Torino

    Pure martensitic steels have after hot forming limited performance in terms of rest ductility which limits the application in crash relevant parts. New steel grades were designed in the EU project HOTFORM including the corresponding process routes. These steel grades have ferritic-martensitic dual phase (DP) and martensitic-bainitic complex phase (CP) microstructures after hot forming process. The laboratory tests show an improved formability after hot forming. The basic concepts of the new alloys are explained. Furthermore, for validation of upscaling purposes a semi-industrial test is carried out and the results are discussed. The main application is for vehicle safety. This is evaluated by comparing the crash performance of these hot formed grades with cold rolled DP1000 and CP1000 for crash cans in a drop tower test.

    Paper presented at the "38th International Deep Drawing Research Group, IDDRG 2019", annual conference, Enschede, University of Twente, 3rd-7th June 2019, organised by University of Twente, Tata Steel Europe.

    DOI not available