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  • Novel applications of medium-Mn steels

    4 May 2019

    Rana Radhakanta; Tata Steel, IJmuiden, The Netherlands
    John Speer, David Matlock, Alexandra Glover, Emmanuel De Moor; Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorada, USA

    This paper highlights some recent efforts to extend the use of medium-Mn steels for applications other than intercritally batch-annealed steels with exceptional ductility (and strengths in the range of about 1000 MPa). These steels are shown to enable a range of promising properties for hot-stamping applications, where the elevated Mn concentration helps to stabilize austenite and to provide a range of attractive property combinations, and also reduces the processing temperatures and likely eliminates the need for press quenching. The “double soaking” concept also provides a wide range of attractive mechanical property combinations that may be applicable in cold-forming applications, and could be implemented in continuous annealing and/or continuous galvanizing.

    Paper presented ath the “4th International Conference on Medium and High Manganese Steel”, Aachen, Germany, 1-3 April 2019