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  • Viscoelastic snapping metamaterials

    14 Jun 2019

    Bernard Ennis; Tata Steel Europe R&D, IJmuiden
    Daivd M. J. Dykstra, Joris Busink, Corentin Coulais; University of Amsterdam

    Mechanical metamaterials are artificial composites with tunable advanced mechanical properties. Particularly interesting types of mechanical metamaterials are flexible metamaterials, which harness internal rotations and instabilities to exhibit programmable deformations. However, to date such materials have mostly been considered using nearly purely elastic constituents such as neo-Hookean rubbers. Here we explore experimentally the mechanical snapthrough response of metamaterials that are made of constituents that exhibit large viscoelastic relaxation effects, encountered in the vast majority of rubbers, in particular in 3D printed rubbers.

    Article published in "Journal of Applied Mechnics" (2019)(June) p. 1-10 

    DOI available