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  • Prolonged anti-corrosion lifetime

    Over the past 20 years, the anti-corrosion lifetime of modern vehicles has improved tremendously – through a combination of better painting systems and standardised zinc coatings for automotive steel. But, with the introduction of advanced zinc-magnesium coatings, it is now possible to optimise anti-corrosion lifetime at lower cost and with a better environmental footprint.

    Choosing between performance and costs

    The new zinc-magnesium (ZnMg) coatings have been designed specifically to improve the inherent active corrosion protection of the metallic coating on steel. They give car manufacturers a choice of:

    • further improving anti-corrosion lifetime
    • or, maintaining anti-corrosion lifetime but with thinner coatings -  resulting in lighter, more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly components

    Tata Steel has embraced the development of ZnMg coatings as part of its lower Total Cost of Ownership philosophy. We have invested in ZnMg coating technology on three of our hot-dip galvanising lines, including the 2020mm wide DVL3 line at IJmuiden in the Netherlands.

    The optimum property balance of MagiZinc®Auto

    We believe that ZnMg coatings are the future of metallic-coated automotive steel. The chemistry of our own ZnMg coating product, MagiZinc®Auto, lies in the middle of the range defined by the VDA.

    Magizinc Auto offers an optimum balance between:

    • enhanced corrosion protection
    • reduced tool pollution
    • compatibility with production processes 

    With a corrosion protection that is approximately twice that of a conventional zinc coating, MagiZinc®Auto enables a 50% thinner coating. Or, you can use it to help eliminate additional anti-corrosion measures such as sealants used for hoods. 

    Working in partnership

    The corrosion protection of MagiZinc Auto has been intensively studied during its development and the first stages of market introduction. As a result, we have built a great deal of knowledge on the applicability of MagiZinc Auto in various parts of the car. Our experts are happy to discuss opportunities for your specific applications - please contact us.

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