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    We recognise that looks are vital for your brand image. To achieve high-end vehicle aesthetics, appealing design features - in combination with an excellent surface finish - are a must. This is where we come in with our special product offering for exposed car panels.

    Premium paint appearance through optimised steel surface finish

    The final paint appearance of a car body panel is not only determined by the quality of the painting process but, to a large extent, by the surface finish of the material substrate. We have optimised our steel production processes for outer panel material to ensure:

    • specific surface roughness properties
    • stability of these properties during deformation

    The result is a tightly-controlled steel surface finish of the formed car panel - providing the perfect basis for an excellent paint result.

    Products for high-end vehicle aesthetics

    Our forming steels are among the most formable products currently available in the market. The top product is DX57-GI HyperForm® which:

    • offers a guaranteed formability level that is unique for a hot-dip galvanised product
    • allows outer panel designers to maximise creativity when designing specific brand features

    All outer panel materials are available in our special Serica® surface finish. This allows a premium, more consistent paint appearance - even for modern paint processes with fewer or thinner layers.

    Striking the balance with our advanced engineering services

    Over the past 20 years, Tata Steel has built a vast amount of knowledge about the influence of steel properties on deep-drawability and paint appearance. Achieving the best paint result - in combination with high production yields and low costs in the press shop - requires fit-for-purpose steel properties and optimised deep drawing parameters. Our advanced engineering services can support you to find the right balance - resulting in:

    • increased quality levels
    • reduced costs


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