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  • Lightweighting for Body-in-White

    Tight regulation of CO2 emissions is driving lightweight automotive design on a global scale. Vehicle manufacturers are developing new powertrains and optimising vehicle weight by part consolidation and the use of higher strength steels. But, as increased strength usually comes at the expense of formability, designers are running into limitations on achievable component shape.

    Lightweighting by enhanced formability

    We believe that formability-enhanced steels have the potential to unlock a huge lightweighting potential – by enabling the use of higher strength steel in more components. We recognise that the type of formability required to make a part varies between stretchability for complex-shaped, deep-drawn parts (like pillar reinforcements) to bendability / edge-ductility for long, simply-shaped structural reinforcements made by roll or crash forming (like cross-beams or sills).

    To meet the various part-specific requirements, we offer a product portfolio that contains:

    • high-strength steel anddual phase steels
    • additional products offering enhanced stretch-ability and edge-ductility

    Products for lightweight design

    Tata Steel offers a full range of conventional high strength steel grades that enable first-stage design optimisation. Further lightweighting can be achieved by employing modern dual phase steels which are available in a strength level up to 1000 MPa.

    To help you squeeze out the last gram of weight in a cost-effective manner, we also offer:

    Our products for body-in-white are available as cold-rolled substrate with an uncoated surface or with a galvannealed or galvanised zinc coating.

    Tapping into our material expertise through our advanced engineering services

    Nowadays design optimisation is mostly done via computer simulation. In order to achieve the lightest result possible - with minimal risk to production yields and performance issues - it is crucial that the right material models are used.

    We work constantly on adapting our material models to the latest steels. This expert knowledge is available to you via our:

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