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  • Optimised production processes

    In any mass production process, costs are key. As a steel producer, we understand only too well how inefficiencies in any process step can lead to increased costs. And this can impact on your overall profitability. That’s why we tailor our products to your processes as well as we possibly can.

    Reducing total cost of ownership by improved process efficiency

    We believe that the ability to produce high quality products at minimal cost is key to success in the automotive world. This holds true for every part of the automotive value chain - from raw material supplier, to part supplier and original equipment manufacturer. This is why we pay special attention to the processability of our products. We work continuously to optimise steel chemistry, coatings, lubricants and roughness properties – making sure our products are:

    • easy to press
    • easy to assemble
    • easy to paint

    Products for more efficient processes

    Our products allow process optimisation in every production step.

    Press shop

    Our highly formable steels, and especially our HyperForm® product range, help to increase press shop yields by enlarging operating windows. Further process efficiencies in the press shop can be achieved with the innovative MagiZinc®Auto coating which helps to reduce tool maintenance.


    All of our steels, including AHSS and UHSS, are designed to be welded with conventional welding processes like spot, laser, and arc welding. We achieve this by using chemistries containing only low amounts of alloying elements that can disrupt the welding process.
    Our complete product range is also perfectly suited to adhesive bonding.

    Paint shop

    For the car’s outer panel, we offer products with an optimised surface finish called Serica®. Compared with conventional steel for outer panels, Serica enables:

    • larger operating windows
    • a premium, more consistent paint quality
    • use of more cost-efficient paint systems with fewer or thinner layers

    Advanced engineering services

    Within our advanced engineering services portfolio, we have developed the TCO Scan to support you in:

    • identifying hidden press shop costs
    • quantifying these hidden costs
    • and eliminating these costs

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