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  • Enhanced handling, safety and durability performance

    Meeting both car safety regulations and CO2 emission targets poses challenges for component design and the material being used. Reducing the weight of a component by downgauging will affect other important performance characteristics such as stiffness, strength and fatigue. This has an influence on the car’s handling, safety and durability performance.

    You can overcome these problems by using advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) or ultra high-strength steels (UHSS) with good formability characteristics.

    Handling and stiffness

    Stiffness is key in the feel and handling of a car. Using thinner gauges of steel will reduce material stiffness. To compensate for lost stiffness, part geometry must be changed - resulting in a more complex design. Our range of steels with excellent elongation and HEC performance ensures: 

    • efficient manufacture of complex component geometries
    • the right component stiffness levels 

    Safety and durability

    A chassis and suspension system must resist a wide range of taxing loads during a vehicle’s lifetime. Good fatigue performance is crucial. Our advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) grades deliver:

    • good load-bearing performance
    • a fatigue strength level that is not degraded by welding - eliminating the risk of fatigue cracking in welded construction of components. 

    Corrosion protection is increasingly important as C&S components become thinner and are exposed to harsh close-to-road conditions,. To meet this challenge, we have developed galvanised variants for C&S applications. 

    Products for enhanced handling, safety and durability performance 

    To enhance handling, safety and lifetime performance, we have a comprehensive range of products for the C&S market.

    • Ympress and Tenform HSLA steels - with strength levels up to 700Mpa
    • HR DP600-UC - especially suited to cold forming operations on part shapes featuring high-stretching portions. Our HR FB590-UC and HR CP800-UC are an ideal choice when you require a combination of superior strength and fatigue performance for relatively complex-shaped parts
    • our new family of XPF steels - enabling you to design the most complex and challenging shapes. The combination of excellent elongation and very high HEC is unique. Our newest hot-rolled steel of the XPF-family is HR XPF800-UC
    • die-quenched hot forming steel HR HQ1500-UC – allowing you to reduce material gauge and create stronger, lighter structures by switching from high-strength low-alloy or dual phase steels. HR HQ1500-UC is a hot-rolled ultra high-strength steel. 

    We also offer CP800-GI and several hot-dip galvanised (GI) dual phase steels. We are aiming to have more GI variants available in the future.

    Working in partnership

    Our team of dedicated ‘chassis and suspension’ experts is there to support you in every step of your product’s lifecycle. We offer services and expertise to support your design and manufacturing programmes, including:

    • Aurora Online - an online material database with advanced material data and ready-to-run input decks
    • ‘best practice’ design for manufacture and assembly - to help designers with application of new hot-rolled AHSS grades
    • computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation of stamping and welding processes - illustrating the benefit of new hot-rolled AHSS grades to component in-service performance (including fatigue performance). 


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    Contact the Automotive team with enquiries, comments, feedback on connect.automotive@tatasteeleurope.com


    Our online material database provides you with comprehensive data sheets and ready to run input decks.

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