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  • TCO Scan MagiZinc quantifies the press shop efficiency increase by use of MagiZinc®Auto

    20 Oct 2014 | Trade News

    The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Scan MagiZinc quantifies our customers’ press shop efficiency by special measurement techniques that are carried out during the production process. Our TCO Scans have already shown that MagiZinc®Auto can increase press uptime by between 10% and 30%, leading to cost savings of tens of thousands of euros per part, per year.

    Tata Steel provides products and associated services that help customers lower their TCO. Incorporating the TCO Scan into our service offering means we can show how our smart range of advanced products can lower the total cost of ownership. MagiZinc Auto is one of our advanced products that enables customers to find the preferred balance between performance, weight and cost. It is an innovative zinc-magnesium alloyed coating which causes less zinc abrasion, reducing tool pollution and maintance downtime. The coating can also be used in thinner layers due to its improved corrosion-protection properties, offering environmental benefits.

    By using our TCO Scan MagiZinc, our coating and lubrication experts can determine exactly how much more efficient customers’ pressing process could be by substituting a conventional zinc coating with MagiZinc Auto. The TCO Scan MagiZinc identifies potential bottlenecks in production processes and subsequently optimises them. The assessment consists of a number of stages. Firstly, the surface roughness of the pressed part is measured in order to indicate galling. A thermal camera then identifies cricital tool positions during processing by spotting high friction areas which reveal high tool pollution areas. Tool pollution is measured at these points by assessing the quantity and size of metallic fragments present, with the levels and composition compared for galvanised steel and MagiZinc Auto. Finally, a cost model is used to calculate the financial benefits of the potential efficiency improvements, taking into account part yield and press shop uptime.

    We have already executed the TCO Scan MagiZinc for a number of customers to show how they can optimise their pressing process. A press trial at a European OEM identified a 25 per cent reduction in tool pollution when MagiZinc is used in complex components, such as a tailgate. Another TCO Scan showed that for a wheel arch, MagiZinc Auto can increase the press uptime by 30%, leading to cost savings of 40 cents per part based on reduced downtime and increased part yield.