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    15-17 Oktober 2019 - Bad Nauheim, Germany

    From 15th to 17th October, EuroCarBody 2019, the 21st Global Car Body Benchmarking Conference, once again offers the most important forum for defining and discussing the state of the art in modern series car body engineering. The international elite of automotive car body engineers meets again in Bad Nauheim to examine the development, performance and production processes for car bodies of new series models planned for the European market.

    In Bad Nauheim, newest series car bodies, representing the current model year, will be explained to the industry specialists in 50-minute presentations given by OEM engineers directly involved in their planning and realisation. Development, material and production concepts of the car bodies will be introduced in detail. Results presented will then be discussed with the speakers directly at the body-in-white. All car bodies thus presented will be available for viewing during the entire conference. http://www.automotive-circle.com/Conferences/EuroCarBody-2019

    Tata Steel showcases at EuroCarBody 2019 their vision map towards carbon neutral steel making beyond 2050. While we are one of the world’s most CO2-efficient steel companies, we want to go further. Our European ambition is to be a carbon-neutral steelmaker. At EuroCarbody we will explain our portfolio of innovations to continuously reduce CO2 emissions, including ground-braking technology HIsarna. Our material experts look forward to share visions and learnings with you on sustainable vehicles and value chains at booth 25 in the exhibition forum, Bad Homburg.


    14-15 May 2019 – Bad Nauheim, Germany

    Efficient lightweight design is one of the most important topics in the field of car body engineering. Discussions are ongoing on how lightweight design could change in terms of electromobility. With the increased functionality and the integration of powerful batteries, the weight of the car body will increase, which will push CO2 emissions in the production phase to a higher level, while sustainability is becoming more important.

    At this summit Tim Peeters, Department Manager R&D at Tata Steel will elaborate on our sustainability approach. He will take you through our ambitious journey to be the carbon-neutral steelmaker of the future. In his presentation he will elaborate more on what we have achieved today and how we co-operate in driving sustainability performance in the value chain. Hereto we support our customers with advise for products such as MagiZinc or our latest product XPF1000. Also HIsarna, blast furnace and carbon performance will be touched upon as part of our vision map in carbon-neutral steelmaking. 
    During the event you are welcome to visit our stand, booth 1. We will be happy to further discus how our advanced steel components will support your production process : TODAY TOWARDS TOMORROW.

    26-27 March 2019 – Wurzburg, Germany

    This event has its main focus on "Lightweight design for the mobility of tomorrow | Electrification, automated driving, additive production". The goal of this two-day event is to address the importance of lightweight design in specialist lectures, sessions and live demonstrations.

    At this summit Tata Steel will present a front subframe study on new hot rolled steel grades for electric vehicle body structures. Chris Lahaije, Manager Automotive Technology Projects, will elaborate on the advantages of extra ductile high strength steel XPF.

    During the breaks we welcome you to visit us at our stand, booth 8, to further discuss how advanced hot rolled steel grades can increase the total cost of ownership of electric vehicle body structures.

    5-6 November 2018 – Bad Nauheim, Germany

    Ecology vs. Costs: Between technical feasibility and economic viability

    "Factory Without People", "Artificial Intelligence" and "Renewable Resources". Are those questions the future of the automotive paint shop? Not everything that is technically possible makes economic sense. For example, the trend towards e-mobility raised several questions about new established principles of lightweight construction and the materials used.

    What does this mean for the paint shop of the future? The key tasks were to study the available real-world data, estimate the scope and direction of future trends and, finally, assess the expected costs.

    23-26 October 2018  – Hanover, Germany

    From 23 – 26 October 2018 the 25th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition opened their doors in Hanover, Germany again. Every two years EuroBLECH is the must attend event in order to discover the latest trends and machinery in sheet metal working.

    We have looked forward to celebrate our industry proven products, latest developments and services, as well as how we have evolved to a fully customer-focussed company together with you.

    EuroBLECH is the perfect opportunity to appreciate what we have achieved over recent years and what we have planned for future.

    Tata Steel customers have benefited from our sound package of technical expertise and innovation power, paired with a real understanding for the individual markets.

    In this context we highlighted the high-quality products helped to maximise yield, reduce waste, improved processing efficiency and developed lighter components, and created better finishes or longer lasting products. During this event we also showed how we are able to support smart technical services to achieve cutting-edge manufacturing, end-product quality and improved the sustainability throughout the entire product life cycle.

    16-17 October 2018 – Bad Nauheim, Germany

    This is the most important international benchmarking conference for car bodies in series production. This event gave the car body engineers the possibility to meet the benchmark car body development, performance and production of the most recently launched series vehicles from all over the world.

    With detailed technical presentations, the OEM engineers who were involved in the development of the presented car bodies explained their construction, material, production concepts and subsequently answered questions directly at the corresponding car body exhibit. Generally, these exhibits were able to be fully inspected by all conference participants during the three conference days.

    The standardised EuroCarBody car body benchmark data were available to all delegates as part of the conference proceedings, providing detailed information on weights, material, parts, joining technologies as well as production data of all car bodies presented.

    The following questions are all discussed by experts from well-known OEMs and suppliers at Car Body Painting 2018 in Bad Nauheim.  

    Where does automotive painting stand here? What experiences have we already gained, which hurdles do we still have to overcome? And which systems and process materials will support OEMs on their journey to creating a future-proof paint shop?

    18-19 September 2018 – Aachen, Germany

    On the 18th and 19th of September 2018, the Aachener Karosserietage 2018 took place at the Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika) of the RWTH Aachen University.

    For experts in the field of body development, materials and production technologies, the international event is an established forum for the exchange of technical information.

    Speakers from well-known companies and institutions offered an outlook on strategies and visions in body development and presented the latest vehicle bodies and their components. An important element of the conference is the exhibition, which highlighted the latest vehicles, bodies and innovative structural design concepts.

    Chris Lahaije, Principal Researcher at Tata Steel, presented his study on material requirements for alternative front module designs of electric vehicles compared to the ICE cars.

    13-14 June 2018 - Detroit Michigan, USA

    After much success with shows in Europe and Asia, SurCar, the World's leading congress on Automotive Body Finishing, came to the North American market with the first conference held in Detroit. This 2-Day Conference was a cutting edge event that brought together all major carmakers, leading paint materials and equipment supplier companies in North America. The agenda included 4 technical sessions, 4-5 panel discussions, exhibitions, refreshments and networking breaks, working lunch, gala dinner and finished with the SurCar Awards.

    Tata Steel attended with a small stand and on the 14th of June Basjan Berkhout, Marketing Manager Automotive, held a presentation on achieving a higher paint quality and more efficient paint processes using optimized steel substrates for outer panels (Serica).

    6 – 7 June 2018 - Darmstadt, Germany

    The Institute for Production Engineering and Forming Machines (PtU) of the Technical University of Darmstadt hosted the forum "Tribological Developments in Sheet Metal Forming" in Darmstadt for the tenth time. With speeches by selected speakers from the fields of lubricant technology, toolmaking and numerical simulation, the conference pursued the goal of intensifying the dialogue between product developers, production specialists, users and offering interested guests from associations, industry and science a corresponding forum. In addition to insights of current research and developed work in the field of tribology, the lectures included practical experience reports on solving tribological problems in companies.

    During the event, the participants had the opportunity to discuss with experts from industry and research.

    Tata Steel gave a presentation on the developments of Prime Lubrication Treatment, this was presented by Chiel Dane  (PLT vlog).

    16 – 20 April, Dusseldorf, Germany

    Tube in Düsseldorf is the world's most important trade fair for the tube and tube processing industry and is also the central hub for international business.

    Automotive manufacturers are able to profit from the advanced high-strength precision tube offers that can significantly reduce weight and cost and enabling the design of next generation headrests, twist-beams, chassis structures or instrument panel beams.

    At the fair Tata Steel showcased our advanced automotive tube offering (head restraints, twist beam) and latest developments, such as hot-rolled CP800-UC tube.

    13-14 March 2018,  Wurzburg, Germany 

    This event mainly has focussed on "Lightweight design for the mobility of tomorrow | Electrification, automated driving, additive production". The goal of this two-day event was to address the importance of lightweight design in specialist lectures, sessions and live demonstrations.

    At this Summit Tata Steel has shared the benefits of using HR-XPF1000 steel grade for light weighting and performance improvements of complex chassis parts.

    14 - 24 September, Frankfurt, Germany

    The most important future-related topic at the IAA 2017 was electric mobility. EVs were the stars of the show, fitting the Tata Steel presentation in the New Mobility World Hall, on their steel applications in the e-motor, battery and battery protection. Watch our after movie here, where our experts tell you more about Tata Steel’s efficient and sustainable steel solutions and how we’re supporting the future of electric mobility.

    18-22 June 2017 - Amsterdam, Schiphol

    With around 500 participants of the 3day's conference, covering 120 presentations, Tata Steel looks back at a successful conference.

    At Steels in Cars and Trucks lively discussions took place on the challenges being faced and the possible solutions to megatrends, digitalization, electric mobility, lightweight construction and emission reduction. Both the steel- and vehicle making industry concluded that steel is the material for now and for the future. Watch our aftermovie here.



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