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    Occupant comfort and safety must be delivered within the limitations of the vehicle package. Package constraints dictate slim structural sections to meet market interior styling and space requirements. These constraints also mean that seat frame and instrument panel beam components may have complex geometries.

    High strength yet formable components are space-efficient

    Good formability is essential for steel used in seat frame and instrument panel beam applications. The enhanced formability of our high-strength steels enables weight savings for complex components. It enables you to produce slim structural sections and therewith achieve space-efficiency. Our cold-rolled advanced high-strength and ultra high-strength steels (AHSS/UHSS) provide enhanced formability in grades specified for lightweight seat frames. They offer:

    • good draw formability for stamping operations
    • good hole expansion capacity to eliminate edge cracking in flanges and around plunged holes

    Our products for lightweight, formable components include:

    Flat, cold-rolled

    • HSS: HC260-420LA
    • AHSS: DP600 CR, DP800 CR, DP1000 CR
    • boron: 22MnB5 CR

    Flat, direct-rolled

    Flat, hot-rolled

    • HSLA: Tenform® XF300-500 in UK and Ympress S315-700MC in mainland
    • dual phase: DP600 HR, FB590 HR also CP800 HR (under development)
    • Boron: 22MnB5 HR

    Tapping into our material expertise through our advanced engineering services

    To ensure the optimum use of steel grades in designs, it is crucial that the right material models are used within computer simulations. Tata Steel’s automotive engineering teams ensure that our material models are updated to reflect the behaviour and performance of the latest steels. Our advanced engineering services offer you this expertise through:

    • VA/VE study
    • TCO scan
    • Aurora online database

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    Our online material database provides you with comprehensive data sheets and ready to run input decks.

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