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    Seating and interior designers have the challenge to deliver passengers safety and comfort without compromising vehicle performance. They must work within the challenging constraints of the overall vehicle package.

    Our advanced products and related services support you with:

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    Steels for every automotive application

    We offer a wide range of uncoated products for seating and interior structural components. Applications for our sheet and tubular steel include lightweight seat frame stampings, seat tracks and instrument panel beams.

    Our advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) and ultra high-strength steel (UHSS) grades are a great choice for cost-effective, lightweight components. Our products provide good formability and good energy absorption.

    Our product portfolio includes:

    • hot, direct and cold rolled high strength low alloy (HSLA) grades with increased strength: HC420/460/500LA
    • cold-rolled AHSS/UHSS multi-phase grades: DP600/800/1000CR; CP800/1000CR
    • thin-wall tubes in AHSS/UHSS grades boron steel (nickel pre-plated for cost-reduced chrome plating)
    • a range of uncoated heat-treatable boron steel with tensile strength levels up to 1500 MPa: HQ1500

    To help you meet new and emerging requirements, we’re continuously expanding our product portfolio

    Working in partnership

    Our dedicated team of approachable, knowledgeable seating and interior experts supports you in every step of your products’ lifecycles. The team is backed by a large R&D centre that develops automotive products and,by dedicated engineering services. Our seating and interior experts work with you and share their knowledge of how steel– performs and behaves during:

    • forming
    • assembly
    • painting
    • end use

    For example, we offer computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation of stamping and structural performance - illustrating the benefit of new steel grades to component in-service performance. 

    Reliable market supply

    We supply steel to customers throughout Europe. We also support customer programmes across the globe including the Americas and Asia. We supply:

    • directly to Tier 1 seating and interior suppliers
    • slit-coil and blanks via our Steel Service Centres to Tier 1 seating and interior suppliers and their sub-tier manufacturers
    • tubular components via Tata Steel Tubes

    We aim to become a truly global supplier of differentiated products. Our steelmaking sites in the Netherlands and the UK are close to major ports – providing ready access to a global transport infrastructure.

    Contact us

    Contact the Automotive team with enquiries, comments, feedback on connect.automotive@tatasteeleurope.com


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