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    Meeting the material data needs of our automotive customers.

    The automotive industry is facing complex dilemmas.  How to design new cars which are safer and lighter, but within shorter leadtimes and with minimised expenditure on expensive prototyping and testing?  To meet these demands, CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) solutions need to be deployed during design and manufacturing, and therefore, you need both material expertise and reliable, accurate Material Engineering Data.

    In order to be able to support our customers with the provision of high-quality accurate data, representative of everyday production, Tata Steel has created Aurora: a single and consistent source of Material Engineering Data.

    On request of selected automotive customers we can generate Material data sheets and Ready-to-run (R2R) input decks, tailored to meet specific needs.

    Ready-to-run input decks

    Ready-to-run input decks are material files which contain all necessary material data on a specific grade that can be directly used within CAE software for simulations on:


    • AutoForm: Hill'48, BBC 2005
    • PAM-STAMP: Hill'48, Vegter and Vegter-lite Model by Tata Steel


    • PAM-CRASH: model 107, Vegter Model by Tata Steel
    • LS-Dyna Crash: model mat 24
    • Radioss Crash
    • Abaqus Crash

    For a particular specification the production process always creates a product with a spread of mechanical properties.  Aurora aims to provide data sets which are representative of the actual product properties, rather than the specification limits. 

    These data sets can be tuned to represent typical or least formable properties of the product, depending on the customer requirements.  Within simulations this can be a very powerful tool.