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  • Canned food for adventures

    • Dedicated to steel packaging due to its outstanding environmental credentials.
    • Brand inspired by the ‘adventurous’ nature of cans.
    • vanBLIK produces a range of plant-based canned meals for the Dutch consumer.
    “I think it’s very important that start-ups collaborate with larger firms because bigger companies have the knowledge, the resources, the expertise; whereas start-ups are often the voice of the customer."
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    A new kind of aerosol can

    • New aerosol designs can be delivered in just 2 weeks compared to industry standard lead time of 6-
    • Aerosol can up to 10% lighter compared to other three-piece varieties
    • White Protact® allows printed colours to stand out helping to catch the consumer’s eye
    Protact allows us to create an outstanding two-piece aerosol can, with a vibrant photoreal finish whilst offering maximum flexibility to customers through shorter lead times on aerosol can production.
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    Renewable success

    • 60% reduction of energy costs in first year alone
    • 100% of clean energy generated by PV system can be re-used by A.V. Dawson
    • Tata Steel’s Confidex® Guarantee protects pre-finished steel beneath solar panels
    The Trisomet® panel offers excellent buildability and speed of installation. It also enabled us to optimise the insulation thickness to control the building’s internal climate.
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    Lightening the load

    • Forward-looking EVI (Early Vendor Involvement) approach
    • 30% reduction in chassis mass
    • 106kg overall weight saving per unit
    The collaborative effort working with Tata Steel is a shining example of how a supplier can work with customers. The value and expertise brought to this project is clearly demonstrated in the results.
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    Fast track to success

    • Chassis redesign with no overall weight increase
    • JCB Landpower and GKN building a best-in-class vehicle
    The collaborative approach and clean sheet chassis structure design meant we could examine every detail and implement and refine new ideas to achieve our objectives.”
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    Kuhn gyrotedders

    • Rejection rates reduced to almost zero
    • Manual re-working eliminated
    • Output yield and production efficiency boosted
    The Tata Steel team has helped us optimise our automated welding process, enhance the consistency and quality of our gyrotedders and strengthen our brand image to customers.
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    Apache North Sea Forties Project

    • 5,400m of 14” steel line pipe delivered ahead of schedule
    • Solution featured external three-layer polypropylene coating
    • 20 year design life built into product
    The professionalism and dedication of the Tata Steel team ensured that this project was completed ahead of schedule, within budget and delivered to the exact specification.
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    Trailer maker drives ahead

    Our relationship is based on trust, together we can find solutions for every problem, be it in material procurement, transportation or support through design difficulties.
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    Testing the water

    • Saving costs, increasing yield
    • Outperforming other steel suppliers
    Tata Steel is the best supplier we’ve worked with and is now our partner of choice. We could not afford to pay less for the quality.
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    Steel yacht builder rules the waves

    • S235 is high strength, has excellent formability, and is easily weldable
    • Specialist product enables a high end-quality finish
    • S235 produced in various sheet sizes and gauges
    Partners like Tata Steel support us in moving closer to our objective: building dream yachts as unique as our customers. The only steel for us is Tata Steel. No other steel will do.
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    Productivity gain for crane maker

    Years of close cooperation means Tata Steel knows the specific requirements of PALFINGER very well, ensuring that steel products are delivered for production just in time.
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    Living in colour

    • 40-year Guarantee for a low maintenance façade
    • Colorcoat® pre-finished steel matched the building’s curved design
    • 2010 Color Award residential services winner
    Seden House is characterised by a well thought out use of colour, including orange, red, yellow and light brown hues, to provide a reassuring experience for our residents.
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