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  • Canned food for adventures

    • Dedicated to steel packaging due to its outstanding environmental credentials.
    • Brand inspired by the ‘adventurous’ nature of cans.
    • vanBLIK produces a range of plant-based canned meals for the Dutch consumer.
    “I think it’s very important that start-ups collaborate with larger firms because bigger companies have the knowledge, the resources, the expertise; whereas start-ups are often the voice of the customer."
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    A new kind of aerosol can

    • New aerosol designs can be delivered in just 2 weeks compared to industry standard lead time of 6-
    • Aerosol can up to 10% lighter compared to other three-piece varieties
    • White Protact® allows printed colours to stand out helping to catch the consumer’s eye
    Protact allows us to create an outstanding two-piece aerosol can, with a vibrant photoreal finish whilst offering maximum flexibility to customers through shorter lead times on aerosol can production.
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