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  • Trailers

    Trailers are designed to carry versatile load types. Flexibility and light weighting to increase payload are common design aims for this market, and are requirements which Tata Steel can help trailer manufacturers to achieve.

    Understanding your business

    Today’s trailers are carefully designed and built to meet challenging performance requirements, with users demanding more and more from their trailers. We work with trailer manufacturers to get the best from our steel, helping them to help deliver robust, weight-efficient products.

    When efficiency is determined by optimising the payload, the choice of trailer components is critical. We supply high-strength steels ideal for lightweighting solutions in trailer construction. We also recognise that in addition to lightweighting solutions, in the construction industry for example, users need trailers made from materials that wear less and last longer.

    How we can help

    Our product portfolio for the trailer market provides an opportunity for trailer manufacturers to simplify their supply chain – saving time and money.

    We offer:
    • High strength steels for low weight trailer chassis
    • Steel strip for tanker and fabrication parts for tipper bodies
    • Celsius® for axle beams and Hybox® structural hollow sections for chassis applications and framework
    Advantica® pre-finished steel for use in the construction of composite panels for refrigerated trailers
    • Lightweight Coretinium® for dry freight trailers 

    Our ongoing investment in advanced steel processing and fabrication facilities provides a reliable manufacturing option for trailer components. These facilities offer an efficient route for low volume production.



    Case study: BERGERecotrail: payload-optimised semi-trailer benefits from Ympress® S700MC