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    Decades of experience supplying steel coil

    Long-term relationships with rerollers have resulted in products and services to meet your needs and boost your operations.

    Wide knowledge base and expertise

    Decades of experience mean we understand rerollers’ technical needs and processing requirements. We continue to use our wide knowledge base and expertise to develop products and services to meet those needs.

    High-quality coil products

    Our high-quality coil products and services offer a range of benefits including opportunities to:

    • optimise yield
    • reduce operating costs
    • build customer loyalty
    • focus on business growth
    • expand your product range

    Consistent steel quality lies at the heart of our offering. It allows you to be confident of trouble-free processing and end-products that satisfy your own customers – time and time again.

    Customer Technical Services for problem solving and optimisation

    To support rerollers, we have dedicated experts in our Customer Technical Services team. Our experts offer help with problem-solving and process optimisation. We can also work with you to meet new and future challenges through development of new steel coil products.

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    Our technical experts understand rerolling and will work with you to support your operations and overcome challenges.

    We have been working with some of our customers for decades. Our long-term relationships with rerollers mean we understand your technical needs and processes. Our Customer Technical Services team includes approachable experts who are dedicated to supporting you in day-to-day operations. By putting the right person in place to support you, we can:

    • respond swiftly to your needs
    • work with you to resolve problems

    Our practical, technical support allows customers more time to focus on business growth.

    The experts in our Customer Technical Services team have a high level of involvement in manufacturing operations. This ensures a concerted effort to resolve the challenges facing our customers. For example, we developed a product for a reroller to meet a complex requirement. This enabled our customer to:

    • skip a whole process
    • save time and money


    The consistent quality of our steel delivers multiple benefits and can help optimise your yield.

    You can rely on the consistent quality of our steel. Our products are homogenous – both within each coil and from coil to coil. This means you receive products with consistent chemical composition, mechanical properties and tight dimensional tolerances.

    Our predictable products can help you to:

    • maintain your high-quality portfolio
    • achieve trouble-free processing
    • build long-term relationships with customers based on trust

    We also offer a growing range of new chemistries and can work with you to develop tailored, hot-rolled steel chemistries. This can help you to:

    • expand your product portfolio
    • target new and demanding end-user applications

    To help you optimise yield, our mill in the UK and the Netherlands produce hot-rolled steel coil with a consistently low crown. By utilising the entire coil you can:

    • minimise waste
    • increase your output




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