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    Our coil products are some of the most consistent steel products available on the market

    Tata Steel provides local supply and local service to steel service centres across Europe. For customers in North America, we operate well-established, reliable supply chains. Our dependable products and services can help you:

    • grow your business

    • build a loyal customer base

    • differentiate your offering to the market

    Our coil products are some of the most consistent steel products available on the market. It means you and your customers can be confident in how they will perform. For enhanced performance, we offer premium and fine tuned products.

    Our product portfolio is backed by technical services to help you and your customers. This combined package offers you opportunities for a range of:

    • processing benefits
    • end-product benefits

    We work with you in your own language – helping us to understand your business and support your operations with and efficient supply chain.

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    Our Customer Technical Services team can help you optimise your products and your operations


    You can rely on us to deliver products of consistent quality for predictable results. You can also rely on our Customer Technical Services team to help you:

    • meet new technical challenges

    • deliver improved products

    • address day-to-day processing issues

    We work hard to understand your needs. It means the approachable technical experts on our team can advise you on how to get the best out of our products. By taking advantage of our technical support service, you can:

    • be confident that your products – and your customers’ products – perform in their markets

    • improve operating efficiency through increased output and scrap reduction

    Our Customer Technical Services team can also help you and your customers to deliver new and improved products. For example, we provided engineering support to a floor tile manufacturer – offering a higher-strength steel solution that generated beneficial weight savings.

    We are on hand to support you through local offices and efficient supply chains


    It’s easy to deal with Tata Steel. Our manufacturing operations are supported by a network of local sales offices across Europe and in North America. Being local means we can:

    • offer an efficient supply chain

    • speak your language

    • better understand your needs

    Our mill at IJmuiden in the Netherlands offers a shorter ‘kitchen to kitchen’ supply chain to mainland Europe customers. For domestic customers, our UK mills offer shorter lead times. Customers in North America can benefit from our proven, reliable supply chains backed by local account managers.

    Tata Steel’s established network of European and North American sales offices gives you ready access to our account managers and Customer Technical Services team. We have offices in:

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