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    Tata Steel has an established track record working in partnership with oil and gas customers to provide a wide range of steel products and services.

    We understand that our customers have different needs and that each market is challenging. By working together, we can provide the optimum offshore pipeline solution, whatever your requirements.

    Our carbon steel line pipe products include:

    • DSAW (double submerged arc welded) line pipe – we produce thicker wall pipes even in smaller diameters, ideal for withstanding the extreme collapse pressures in the deepest waters
    • SAW (submerged arc welded) line pipe – used in a range of applications including oil and gas and petrochemical processing.  Our flexible processing allows us to produce single item quantities, reducing contract complexity for our customers
    • HFI (high frequency induction) welded pipe - HFI welded line pipes are well established for high integrity onshore and offshore projects. Our HFI pipe offers superior shape and 'weldability' for faster offshore welding and is fully compatible with the requirements for reel lay

    Our services also include line pipe coating through our joint venture company, BSR Pipeline Services; pipe in pipe solutions for deep water, high temperature, high-pressure pipelines and risers, spools and bends and the ability to process standard pipeline and pipe in pipe assembles for oil and gas applications at our recently launched Offshore Processing Centre, including shot blasting, coating, welding and profiling.

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